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A Tale of the Extra Sewer Hose

How often have you been at a campsite where the sewer connection is at the far end of the site?

We have an we were glad we read forums and group pages with advice on what gear to have on the inaugural RV trip. We had purchased extra lengths of sewer hose and stored it in a bin in the back of th truck. On our first trip we only had to use the exact amount of hose segments that would fit in the single hose storage tube under the Airstream. The question was, what would we do with the extra hose after we use it? We certainly couldn’t put it back in the bin.

Some Airstreamers just drop that dirty hose in the rear bumper compartment (ick). We though about is and then Barry had a bright idea, even if it was a bit obvious. We decided to add more storage under the trailer for that extra hose.

Initially, we were going to take the existing storage tube down, create a bracket to hold two tubes, then install the bracket with the two tubes. Turns out we were over thinking (not surprising). Ultimately, we simply added a new hose storage tube next to the existing tube. We also added new hinged doors, which are more awesome than it sounds. Check out the links below.

Take a look at how we installed the new tube and hinged doors –

As always, stay with us while we research RVs, and cool (and necessary) equipment we discover along the way. We’ll share with you how we figured out what works for us and our travels in our RV. Of course we will give unbiased reviews of RVs, equipment, places we visit, and the best way to travel comfortably with only the necessities.

Thanks for being our guest. We’ll see you soon.

Sharon, Barry, and Sami