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RV Travel – The New Retirement Plan

We love camping. We also love warm showers, a comfortable bed, and espresso. Absolutely love espresso. Throw in a nice steak and a good bottle of wine and we’re all set.

We consider ourselves camping realists. We ave evolved how we camp based on our current situation. When we were younger we backpacked. Then as our jobs took up more of our time, we changed to stationary tent camping. When Sami came along, we tried cabin, although she wasn’t a fan of cabins because spiders really like them. Now we have the Airstream and our camping experience has changed to allow us to be more comfortable yet still enjoy the outdoors as we did when we camped in tents.

We decided to get an RV because we really want to travel the US and see some of the amazing sights, national parks, beaches, and deserts. Our logic, I think, is sound. We can take our little “house” with us. It has all of our stuff, comfy beds, a kitchen and a roomy bathroom. Seems like a perfect idea.

Getting the RV is practice for our retirement plan. We decided we want to see as much of the US as possible and what better way. We can stay out in the middle of nowhere or within reach of major cities. Our plan is in formation and we are adjusting as we learn more about rv travel. We are recommending that you also think about your plan. Don’t wait. Figure out now what you want to do so you aren’t caught by surprise when your retirement day comes around.

We started a YouTube channel to share more of our opinions, reviews, modifications, and travels. Check out our first video:

As always, stay with us while we research RVs, and cool (and necessary) equipment we discover along the way. We’ll share with you how we figured out what works for us and our travels in our RV. Of course we will give unbiased reviews of RVs, equipment, places we visit, and the best way to travel comfortably with only the necessities.

Thanks for being our guest. We’ll see you soon.

Sharon, Barry, and Sami