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RV Anyone? | 2020 | Post 1

So – thinking about getting an RV. How did we get here?

Barry was first to think of getting an RV. He’s been dreaming of an active retirement for years. The RV idea took me a little longer to warm up to. The thought of an RV always conjured up the movie Christmas Vacation and cousin Eddie’s dirty, rusty class A RV.

Also, we certainly don’t have anywhere to put a big rig and the thought of cleaning another “house” was not appealing. Every time I saw one parked in a driveway, all I used to think is – bet their neighbors are thrilled having that thing right next to their house. They always seemed to be big, boxy, and poorly constructed – as though they are built to be temporary – like a lean-to. Besides, they probably cost a ton to maintain – like a boat on wheels. Oh – and what’s with the multi colored, swoopy paint jobs?

Barry had surreptitiously started watching YouTube videos from RVers ranging from those who used their RV for travel to folk who live in their RV full time. From time to time, he would tell me about a video he had watched. Many of the vloggers had goals such as maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle while traveling, and making the journey as much a part of the vacation as the destination. One couple in particular travels and competes in bike races. Many of these couples travelled in smaller camper vans or small motorhomes.

This was nothing like my impressions of RVs. The paradigm has changed.

The mental wheels started turning. Initially, Barry was the researcher and he started looking at class B camper vans. We both agreed this was a great solution. Small, doesn’t look like an RV, can sleep 2-3 people (very cozy). Perfect! But due to the small size of camper vans, they have a wet bath configuration. This means that the sink, commode, and shower are all one room. Sami was not thrilled with the idea of having to dry the bathroom after taking a shower.

The good news, we found, is that RVs come in all configurations. There is a right style for pretty much everyone. They also include some of the latest technology and construction is better and much higher quality than ever before.

Motor homes, travel, trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and camper vans either include or have available as options updated technologies such as HVAC systems, water heaters, tank systems, solar panels and controllers, lithium batteries, modern interior floor plans, as well as much needed updates to upholstery, floors, appliances, countertops, and cabinetry.

Competition is pushing manufacturers to listen to their current and outgoing customers for ideas about what they love and what they hate. The results of customer surveys shows in more creative uses of space and more modern look and feel across the board. This is especially visible in the Class B and C market where smaller footprint require more creativity.

Stay with us while we research RVs, and cool (and necessary) equipment we discover along the way. We’ll share with you how we figured out what works for us and our travels in our RV. Of course we will give unbiased reviews of RVs, equipment, places we visit, and the best way to travel comfortably with only the necessities.

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Thanks for being our guest. We’ll see you soon.

Sharon, Barry, and Sam