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About Us

We love camping.

We love hiking.

We love the outdoors.

And then we love hot showers, and comfortable beds.

We are camping realists. Not glampers.

Barry’s love for camping is one of the reasons why he joined the Army. He thought the army would be like one big camping trip. He was really surprised when he found that he didn’t get to “camp” very much. 

Why you shouldn’t wait until retirement to travel

I have hiked the Appalachian Trail with just a pack of necessities and friends. I have back country hiked and camped in Yosemite. Waking with my feet in icy water because it rained all night on an early winter hiking trip. Starting a fire with flint and dry leaves. Clearly, minimalist camping is no problem for me and Barry.

When Barry and I started dating, we would go tent camping. We hiked everywhere we camped and even chose parks for the quality and challenges of the nearby trails. For the most part, normal camping. The one exception was our bialetti espresso maker. There is nothing better than a strong espresso in the morning to prep for a pre-breakfast hike. The bialetti is awesome.

When Sami came along we wanted to share with her our love of the outdoors and hiking. We changed to cabin camping because we wanted to reduce set up and pack up to preserve the time we had for fun. We took her on easy hikes and she loved it. Then life got more complicated and we camped less and less frequently. School, sports, friends, other activities all took up our weekends and free time. We had such a good time with all of these activities that we forgot that a simple camping trip can relax and rejuvenate.

One day Barry saw a FaceBook post. It was a photo of an elderly couple asleep in an Italian gondola. The caption read, “Why you shouldn’t wait until retirement to travel”. It was a wake up call for him. He decided right then that we needed to start our pre-retirement travel plan.

Barry and I have thought about retirement and what that means. One of our retirement goals is to travel around the states and run 5k and 10k races wherever we land. We decided that we want to maintain physical fitness so we can enjoy our retirement for as long as possible. Then we started thinking about logistics with hotel routes, cost, comfort.  We had to think creatively. How could we travel freely, see the country, and stay healthy? We should get an RV!

Join us on our journey as we figure out the right RV situation for us – our research, thought process, why we made our ultimate decision, and all of the stops as we travel the country.

Thanks for being our guest.

Sharon, Barry, and Sami