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Month: August 2020

Evolution of the Campfire – The Solo Stove Bonfire After a Year of Use

Who doesn’t love a roaring campfire? The ambiance of the campfire creates camping memories that last long beyond our last camping trip. If we were to do a non-scientific poll, I’m certain that the campfire would rank at or near Read more…

Should you buy an Airstream?

Lets chat about the Pros and Cons of buying and owning an Airstream travel trailer. Pros of Airstreams #1 – Quality The number 1 pro is quality and longevity. Although here are plenty of newer Airstreams on the road, there Read more…

RV Travel – The New Retirement Plan

We love camping. We also love warm showers, a comfortable bed, and espresso. Absolutely love espresso. Throw in a nice steak and a good bottle of wine and we’re all set. We consider ourselves camping realists. We ave evolved how Read more…